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Artist of the Month
"Floor Saga"
The Church Project

"Floor Saga" is a photographic evidence, in digital and 35mm film, of an approximate 350 hour durational performance of phase one of The Church Project.

The Church Project is the new community art center for the San Luis Valley (SLV), located in the historic First Baptist Church in Monte Vista, which opened in January 2024 and is going through transformative stages by the lead artist Madeleine Ahlborn and 25 community volunteers (thus far).

Madeleine Ahlborn is a resident of Monte Vista and has lived in three out of the six counties in the rural region of the SLV over the last ten years. Ahlborn has occupied this building since July 2023 and is utilizing this "project" as a platform to perform how to leverage creativity in order to build positive change in her community and the greater SLV.

This iteration of "Floor Saga" is a preview of a larger exhibition that will take place in the Cloyde Snook Gallery at Adams State University in August 2024. 

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