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Artist of the Month
Grace Ann Polon

Grace Ann is an artist residing in Alamosa, Colorado. She specializes in abstract expressionism and experimental nonrepresentational painting. Her style originates from the 1940's marked by freedom of technique and the desire to give spontaneous expression to the unconscious.

The Intent of her work is not to reproduce, but rather to record feeling and energy in the moment. Color vibrations give form to energy and her art dances between spontaneity and control. This diversity in her painting represents freedom, which is is held together by balance, and allows for individual interpretation.

She is an avid colorist and her mediums of choice are water based acrylics and watercolor. Painting frees her soul and allows her creative spirit to flow through her body. This spirit expresses life and its infinite possibilities in color, vibration, and shape. She prefers abstract expressionism because it is an emotional and spiritual expression, not limited by established definitions. 

- From About the Artist at ARTESIA

Discover More of Grace Ann Polon's Art at our Artist of the Month Exhibit or on her Website at ...


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